The Best Travel Irons for 2016 – Find Discounts and Reviews Here

Searching for the best travel irons? Perfect! You’ve obviously come to the right place. Listed below are our top selections for your next trip (in no particular order). We hope you find the right iron for you!

The Rowenta DA1560


Our Top Pick: The Rowenta DA1560r is ready to go on your next travel excursion! It features adjustable temperature settings and both consistent and burst steam options. Its compact size and foldable handle take up minimal space in luggage. View prices and more details here…

The SteamFast SF-717


Also Great: This steam iron is safe for nearly any fabric and has a 1.4 ounce water tank. It has a fast heat up time and varying temperature settings! Includes traveling bag and water measuring cup. View prices and more details here…

 The Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot


Also Great: This model boasts of a “Shot of Steam” feature which removes the toughest wrinkles! Its handle is made of soft rubber for added comfort and the indicator light sends a clear signal when its ready for use. View prices and more details here…

The Hamilton Beach 10092


Also Great: The Hamilton Beach 10092 has an easy to clean stainless steel plate and included fabric brush. It has two voltage settings for foreign use and its compact design makes it ideal for packing. View prices and more details here…

The Handy Press Mini Iron


Also Great: Perfect for travel this miniature model is easy to pack or store! Its indicator light quickly signals users when the desired temperature has been reached. A great option, noted for its affordability! View prices and more details here…

Travel Iron Facts

If you are like most people, you will want all your belongings in one bag or two at most which means your clothes will be full of wrinkles by the time you get to your destination. Thus, travel irons should be on your list of ‘things to buy’ before your trip.

Travel irons unlike ordinary irons are designed with specific features to meet the unique needs of traveling. Thus, before buying one, take time to understand what features to look out for that will make your travel iron most convenient for your holiday or business trip. Some of the best features include:

The ideal size of a travel iron should be small. Some of the best travel irons come in 5-inch by 3-inch cover which is a third or half the size of ordinary home irons or mainly described as mini iron. Size is an important consideration to ensure that your travel iron does not take up much of your space in your bags. A small compact mini iron is the best for travel, since you can fit in a small space.

Like size, weight is another important consideration when buying a travel iron. The best travel irons weight a little less than one pound or described as lightweight to make your travel easier as well as easy storage. Good combination of a small size and lightweight make one travel iron better over another. Some of the top rated travel irons weight as little as the weight and size of a computer mouse.

Performance implies how fast your travel iron can heat up and start ironing. If you are taking a trip to a game reserve or a national park, you are most likely to stay in a tented camp hence your access to electricity can be limited. Does this mean you have to wear wrinkled clothes? You need a travel iron that takes the least time to heat up. The best travel irons need just about 15 seconds to heat up and has an adjustable temperature setting for easy regulation. Steam travel irons are highly recommended especially for deep wrinkles but ensure that it comes with its own measuring cup. Steam irons use less heat hence can be ideal for ironing around the buttons or for other clothes requiring less heat. Always remember to empty the water before packing the steam iron to prevent the water from leaking into your clothes or other items in your bags.

In terms of dual voltage, the best travel irons should suit about 120 to 240 watts in order to fit comfortably into any socket whether it is in your office, hotel room or home. If your trip is to another country, the sockets might be different hence talk to your travel agent to determine if you need a plug adapter.

Another important aspect of performance among the best travel irons is non-stick sole plate. This ensures that you can iron any type of fabric without damaging it. The steam control system and the temperature regulation feature make your ironing quick and easy without damaging your fabric.

Most travel irons come with their own travel bags. To ensure maximum security, such travel bags need to be heat resistant especially if you are carrying a steam travel iron. The material used the make the travel bag is another important consideration. Some materials like nylon can easily melt when exposed to heat; hence you will be forced to wait for some time until your travel iron cools down before packing. The travel bags make transporting easier as well as easy storage when you are not using your iron.

Like with any other electronic device, durability is an important feature of a good travel iron. Some travel irons come with all the right features but after just a year of use, it stops working forcing you to buy another one on your next vacation. Hence after outlining all the features you want in your travel iron, go online and search for customer reviews to get a hint on the durability of your preferred model. Durability ensures you get value for your money and saves you some money.

Depending on the features of your travel iron, price may differ with one having more features likely to cost more. Some of the ideal travel irons cost 20 to 30 dollars. However, to get the best deal buy from online stores like Amazon and eBay. You will have to find a trade off between features and price in that by sacrificing some features, you can get a lower price.

Looking good on your trip can make a memorable holiday, hence take time to shop for the best travel iron using these tips before taking your next trip.

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